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Advantages of combined meat products

Combined meat has many advantages. The texture and eating quality of the products is excellent, and the meat is more succulent and tender. Identical portions are more convenient to use.
The quality of combined meat products is good. Their nutritional value can be compared to that of other meat. As regards safety, combined meat products also comply with the same criteria.

Combined meat is ideal for developing innovative products. Consumers like to vary what they eat, and try new products.

Where less popular or less easily usable smaller pieces of meat are concerned, making new meat products is also a good way to prevent quality meat being wasted and is a way of working sustainably and efficiently.

In short:

  • Better texture and eating quality and no loss of flavour
  • Easy to prepare
  • Product innovation
  • Good value for money
  • 100% natural proteins
  • Sustainable production and environmental benefits

The advantages for producers

Making combined meat products also offers advantages to the producers of these products. The main advantage is that they can make products that perfectly complement consumers' wishes. Furthermore, combined meat products offer lots of opportunities for innovation, and for surprising consumers with new products time and again.
A third advantage is that it provides producers with a good use for small pieces of meat which are otherwise less easy to use. This prevents perfectly good meat from being wasted. A further advantage is improved sustainability as combined products are easier to standardise. This enables more uniform packaging and more efficient distribution.